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About Us

Having a child is the most important decision you will ever make but also one of the most difficult decision you'll have to make.  Taking care of your Child is one of the hardest but most crucial jobs a person can have.  The owner and founder of Letalex Nanny Referral, Leticia Yeboah, has been a consistent childcare provider for 13 years.

Here at Letalex we strive to assist new parents and new born specialists to raise the best children possible.  We aim to provide the best and most efficient personal care for the child no matter the circumstances.  We Welcome all application from Nannies, Baby Sitters and New Specialists.

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  Nanny Programs


Letalex can provide nannies for many families who need full-time, work-week child care or live-in we have also designed special programs to  families with other needs.  Our programs include full or part-time, live-in and live-out nannies:

                                                       - Share-A-Nanny
                                                       - Companion Care (including elder care)
                                                       - TutorCare after-school care)
                                                       - Evening/weekend care
                                                       - Summer Care
                                                       - Nanny Payroll & Tax Service
                                                       - Laundry for the family
                                                       - Straighten closets
                                                       - Tidy up the kitchen
                                                       - Baby's laundry
                                                       - Clean baby's room

To learn more about these programs, contact the office through this website.